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A silly Japanese game show on which contestants are painfully eliminated through barely possible stunts and events, most taking place above pools of mud.
The first time I ever watched this show, I was instantly reminded of a similar weekly two-hour American-made show called "Almost Anything Goes" that aired back in the early 1970's. Am I the only one who remembers and misses that show after all these years? I love how this show has revived the idea of creating clever, challenging and outrageously funny stunts utilizing hilarious and imaginative props, costumes and mechanisms. The dubbed-in English commentary sometimes borders on risqué, but is funny and manages to not cross the "taboo" line. After all the boring reality shows and the nudity and obscenities that a too-permissive society has allowed to permeate daily film and television viewing, it just goes to show that you can still entertain an audience with good clean fun! This wildly funny show is such a breath of fresh air! I especially love Dope on a Rope, Brass Balls and the stunt with the revolving surfboard the contestants have to jump onto and ride around on without falling into the water! What a great show! May it last forever!
Only from Japan could something like MXC come from. Originally called Takashi&#39;s Castle, the show featured people dressed up weirdly doing all sorts of odd events. I haven&#39;t seen the original, but I don&#39;t know if there is a winner to this thing. TNN (soon to be called Spike TV) bought the episodes of this show and overdubbed it with outlandish and hilarious dialog. The dialog goes with the spirit of the show. In the new version, there are two teams of people that go against each other (ex. Cops vs. cons, Meat factory workers vs. voice over artists). Some of the games are downright silly, but I think that is the point. The new dialog can also get racy.<br/><br/>Somehow, this triggered a memory. Years ago, I believe CBS tried to reduplicate the original show. They result was an unsold pilot called Storming The Castle. It was hosted by Michael Burger and burned off during the summer (when most pilots were burned off). There was even a phony audience/laugh track thrown in for good mesure. Now I don&#39;t know if they got the idea from this show, but they seemed closely related with one another. The only difference is the CBS pilot was dumbed down.<br/><br/>This is a fun show and will fit perfectly into Spike TVs new schedule. Check it out.

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