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A succession of British agents have been killed in different ways but each one has been carefully wrapped in polythene before being dumped in a graveyard. With Miss King on her holidays Steed is joined by Lady Diana Forbes- Blakeney to investigate a sinister factory which houses the deadly computer REMAK - Remote Electro- Matic Agent Killer, which must be destroyed.
Somebody is killing off large numbers of agents and because Tara is on holiday Steed must work with a new partner; Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney. Mother&#39;s organisation in investigating a killer named Remak but every time an agent gets close they end up dead from multiple causes; their bodies wrapped in polythene and dumped in a graveyard. It is all very strange; despite suffering multiple fatal injuries their clothes are clean and show no obvious sign of damage. As the episode does on more and more agents die; each being given information about Remak from an apparently dying agent. Eventually Steed comes face to face with Remak; will he solve the case or become the next victim?<br/><br/>This isn&#39;t a bad episode but it does suffer from Tara&#39;s absence; when she isn&#39;t there we realise just how good the chemistry between her and Steed isÂ… a chemistry he doesn&#39;t have with Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney. Jennifer Croxton isn&#39;t bad in the role but there isn&#39;t time for any relationship to develop. The murders are interesting although the agents can&#39;t be all that bright as they are lured to their deaths rather easily even when they know other agents have been killed. Surprisingly Steed too gets lured into Remak&#39;s sightsÂ… although he is inevitably able to defeat his attacker. The identity of Remak turns out to be a surprise too; he is no human killer but a computer designed to kill agents lured into the building where it is house. Overall not a great episode but fun enough.
Tara goes off on holiday early on in this Tony Williamson-penned story, and does not reappear until the end, when the mission is over. Taking her place is the lovely Jennifer Croxton ( later to co-star with future &#39;Avengers&#39; babe Joanna Lumley in the sitcom &#39;Its Awfully Bad For Your Eyes Darling&#39; ) as &#39;Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney&#39;. Croxton looks a lot like Diana Rigg. In his book on &#39;The Avengers&#39;, Dave Rogers wonders whether Lady Di might have been a try-out for a new leading lady just in case the show was recommissioned without Linda. As it turned out, it was not. She has her fans, but I am not one of them. She is a graduate of the Karen Gillan school of acting, and has little rapport with Macnee, though admittedly she handles the fights well.<br/><br/>British agents are turning up dead, wrapped in polythene, and - this is the really perplexing part - having been first shot, stabbed, garroted, drowned etc. Yet their clothes are intact! What&#39;s going on? Mother thinks there is a connection to a mysterious foreign agent known only as &#39;Remak&#39;. <br/><br/>There is not really much of a plot here. One agent dies, another investigates, he in turn dies, another goes after him and dies, and so on, a bit like a game of &#39;Follow My Leader&#39;. Among the victims is &#39;Calvin&#39; ( Anthony Valentine, on the cusp of stardom in &#39;Callan&#39; and &#39;Colditz&#39; ). Harry Towb has a good role as a traitorous British agent called &#39;Paxton&#39; who keeps turning up on a deserted film set with arrows/knives sticking out his chest and back! His job is to act as a Judas Goat and send the agents to their doom. Comedy actor Richard Wattis plays para-medic &#39;Clarke&#39;, and the equally camp Michael Ward is &#39;Freddie&#39;, proprietor of a ribbon shop! <br/><br/>The centre of the mysterious goings-on is an apparently deserted factory. The only activities on display are the occasional helicopter taking off and a bus leaving the premises. At its heart is R.E.M.A.K. - a computer programmed to kill. Anyone unlucky to find himself inside the place will be forced to pass through a series of garishly coloured rooms ( a fact that would have been lost on British viewers watching in black and white ), each equipped with a death device. R.E.M.A.K.&#39;s human associates are &#39;Brinstead&#39; ( William Franklyn ) and &#39;Merridon&#39; ( Grant Taylor ), who talk about the machine as though it were a real person.<br/><br/>This was Cliff Owen&#39;s only episode. He directed two of the three Morecambe &amp; Wise movies ( including the best one - &#39;That Riviera Touch&#39; ) and the cheeky ( in more ways than one ) Dick Emery comedy &#39;Ooh You Are Awful&#39;. He keeps &#39;Killer&#39; slick and entertaining, and one wishes he had done more.<br/><br/>The climax in the factory - as Steed alone tackles the computer - is wonderful. Had Tara not gone off with her bucket and spade, this would have been a classic. The &#39;all-powerful computer&#39; idea would be reused in the &#39;New Avengers&#39; adventure &#39;Complex&#39;.

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